If you are thinking about purchasing a new oil central heating system, it’s worth considering a renewable heating system such as an air source heat pump (ASHP) which will allow you to benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme saving you money on your annual heating bills.

Adding a solar thermal panel, or two, and a solar cylinder (twin coil) can provide up to 65% of your hot water needs and reduce your annual oil fuel bill. A Heating Innovation Panel can be linked into your central heating system with a renewable heating system such as an air source heat pump or a biomass boiler, enabling both to provide energy to heat the hot water, under floor heating and radiators.

Some of the benefits of Oil central heating include:

Helps reduce noise reduction
Keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer
Reduces your carbon footprint
Save you money on energy bills
Improve living environment which is vital for healthy and happy lifestyles





Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Fully funded ECO4 Internal Wall Insulation Grants (IWI).

For properties with solid walls, thousands of pounds worth of grant funding is available for homes to have internal wall insulation installed, helping you to dramatically reduce fuel bills and create a warmer, more energy efficient home. There are also grants through the Great British Insulation Scheme.


Internal wall insulation is the insulation of the internal surface of the external walls, so it is a great alternative to external wall insulation and in our opinion a better measure for properties with good character.

Nearly half of all heat loss from solid walled properties occurs by heat escaping through the walls. Insulating these walls will slow down the rate of heat loss and keep the warmth inside your home for longer. Internal wall insulation works by adding an extra layer of insulation to the internal walls and can really improve the standard of finish in your property.

Our internal wall insulation is installed by mechanically fixing and glueing insulated PIR boards onto existing walls within your property.

The ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme was launched by the UK government in 2013 and is one of the flagship initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases, lower carbon emissions, and increase the energy efficiency of all domestic and non-domestic properties throughout the UK. All this is 100% cost covered by the ECO scheme itself, meaning it costs you, the customer, nothing!