What are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are leading the way with solar innovation. They allow owners of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to efficiently collect and store surplus solar energy which would otherwise be exported back to the grid. The stored solar energy can be used when needed, day or night, helping to get the very most out of your solar system.

Solar Battery Installations

Solar batteries store energy from an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) depending on the installed system. Eco-conscious families can use the stored renewable energy throughout the day instead of relying on the grid or fossil fuels.

If you have already invested and installed solar photovoltaic panels then a solar battery is a complementary add-on for your system providing further savings.

If you are embarking on a solar system for the first time, the installation of a solar battery will help you reduce your energy bills even further.

Sunamp Heat Batteries

Sunamp design and produce non-toxic, compact Heat Batteries that can store energy as heat from a variety of applications including many renewable and low-carbon technologies such as Solar Panels and Heat Pumps. The Heat Batteries deliver fast-flowing heating and hot water on demand without the requirement of a water tank or an immersion heater. The Sunamp works well with combination boilers or instant water heaters (gas, oil, LPG or electric).

A Sunamp battery weighs 85kg, which is nearly 50% less than a full hot water cylinder. On average Sunamp products weigh half as much and take up just a third of the space of hot water cylinders. The battery is easy to install and can be used straight away.